Soap-opera effect with Netflix and Prime

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Did you disable True Motion on your brand-new television but your Netflix movies still looks like you didn’t? Still seeing the infamous soap-opera effect. Well this one took me a while so here is the trick:

When you disabled True Motion in your tv settings you only did so for the TV itself. When you watch a regular tv program all will look good. This changes as soon as you switch to Netflix or Prime. This thing drove me up the wall. I simply could not figure it out. I looked everywhere and especially in the Netflix settings. After all I had just disabled it on the TV. Wrong!

The explanation is actually fairly simple once you know it: The setting where you disabled true motion does not apply to other inputs. Netflix and Prime are considered external sources so you have to do the same for them.

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So; first you need to start Netflix/Prime. Once it is running, open the TV settings menu as you normally would. With an LG it is the little gear symbol.

Then repeat the exercise of turning off True Motion, as in go to picture, then picture options and turn off True Motion.

You will see, that your picture is now what it should be.