Common problems and misconceptions in TVs

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Most people expect their brand-new plasma screen or LCD screen to have an amazing picture quality. That unfortunately is not the case. Especially LCDs tend to be rather slow. When for example you are watching a sport events or programs with fast changing screens you will probably see considerable pixilation. That LCD TVs have this problem comes as no surprise. They weren’t designed for moving pictures.

Plasmas are much better since they were originally designed for moving pictures. But even with Plasma TVs not everything is perfect. The glass tends to reflect light which is rather disturbing in a number of situations. And in comparison it still isn’t better than any old fashioned CRT.

NOTE!!! Analogue beats digital when it comes to speed and picture quality. This is true for cameras and this is certainly true for TVs. Computer screens at this stage have adapted but only for one reason. The early adopters simply would not buy LCDs because they were to slow for games.

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Gamers are the driving force of the computer industry. Companies therefore developed ever faster screens. Refresh rates now are below 5 ms which is just about fast enough. This however does not necessarily turn a LCD screen into a good television.

Generally speaking computer screens are superior to a regular LCD TV!